Agriculture Blessing Programs

These programs are for when you are planting and setting up a new crop or orchard, you already have well-established crops or orchards that are in need of a boost for the health & wellness of your plants and trees, or you want to upgrade the quality of your plants and trees to upgrade the quality of your produce. The Agriculture Blessing Programs are specifically tailored to the needs of your crop, orchard or farm.

Problems with Agriculture Today

Increased use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, poor soil quality, reduced levels of good bacteria in soil and other factors adversely impact the uptake of nutrients, which is vital for the survival, health and proliferation of plants and trees. Chlorophyll is the pigment that plays a vital role in the conversion of the sun’s energy into sugar, which is used by plants and trees for all metabolic processes including growth and defense. The combination of reduced uptake of nutrients and reduced chlorophyll production gives rise to a higher incidence of disease and poor quality plants and crops. These issues lead to the following:

Delay in ripening of fruit

Reduction in the nutrient content of fruit and vegetables

Necrosis (cell & tissue death) causes the leaves, stems & other parts to darken and wilt. Necrosis weakens the plant and makes it more susceptible to other diseases and pests

Damage to the plants and trees themselves/Loss of plants and trees

Reduction in the amount of crops produced

If mild – the impact can affect up to 20% of your crop or orchard
If moderate – the impact can be between 20 – 50%
If severe – the impact can be between 60 – 95%

The outcome…. DEVASTATING

Mild & Moderate Disease → Reduction in crop & reduction in yield

Severe Disease → Loss of crop & loss of yield

Loss of productivity

Loss of time

Cost of replacement including removal & replanting

HUGE financial loss $$$$

What can we do about this?

Is there a nontoxic alternative solution?

The solution is Life Force Energy Healing
(Also known as the Trivedi Effect®)

Since 2015, Dezi has been involved in science research and has participated in several experiments to authenticate her Life Force Energy healing abilities (known as Biofield Energy Healing Treatments.) As from 2016 she has been published in American peer- reviewed scientific journals and is an accepted Biofield Energy Healer with the ability to harness the Divine Intelligent energy and transmit it anywhere on the planet due to the Trivedi Effect®.

Key Findings from Preclinical Research shows:

  • Over 110% improvement in overall Immunity to help fight a wide range of infectious diseases & disorders
  • Over 90% reduction in Stress
  • Over 90% reduction in Inflammation
  • Nontoxic & Non Invasive Therapy
  • Improves overall Health, Vitality & Well-being

Benefits For Your Agriculture

  • Boost immunity of plants & trees

  • Reduce stress in plants & trees

  • Plants & trees more impervious to disease

  • Stronger & healthier plants & trees

  • Increased root biomass and root hairs

  • Increase in useful bacteria in the soil

  • Improved quality of crops (higher nutrient content)

  • Increased yield from plants & trees

  • Organic

  • Nontoxic, Non Invasive

  • Higher-grade product in the marketplace & greater quantity leading to increase in income

Who Would Benefit From The Agriculture Blessing Programs?

Anyone who is seeking personalized attention for their crops, orchards or farms. These programs support landowners and farmers who desire a connection to the highest and purest form of this universally intelligent energy to enliven their crops and orchards, boost plant immunity, optimize the life force potential of their plants & trees and enhance the success and longevity of their business.